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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Kenwood Major Pasta Maker Attachment

I’m a lover of my Kenwood Major Titanium mixer. I have a few attachments that go with it; namely the glass blender jug, the food processor, the mincer and the food mill. I was lucky recently to be invited to a PR event for the launch of the new Kenwood Chef by Clarion Communications. They’ve launched a new retro look Chef in three new colour combinations; white with either ASTRO BLUE, CALYPSO ORANGE, PINTO GREEN. Aren’t these just fab & funky?
I (cheekily) asked to borrow a pasta maker for my own Kenwood Major Titanium to try out, which Clarion Communications (PR Company for Kenwood World) very kindly arranged to have sent to me.
After it arrived, I was itching for the weekend & my chill out time in the kitchen to arrive.
Inside the box you will find a multi-lingual leaflet detailing a diagram of the pasta maker and a recipe for making your pasta. The pasta maker comes with 6 ‘screens’ which allow different shapes to be extruded:
Large macaroni
These are easily fitted and secured with a locking nut in front of an internal screw, which moves your pasta dough through the machine from where you drop it into the hopper to the screen at the front.
Eager to try this out, I made some pasta & formed it into spaghetti.
I then bought a very thick slice of ham to make a Milanese sauce to go with it.


  1. Hello Rosie,

    First Thanks for the infos about the Kenwood chef mixers. I have thinking buy KM020 in this week. But I have some small questions in my mind. Kenwood says came with package the food processor etc. accessories. İt's called food processor but what's include i don't know. Thanks for your relation. :)
    Best Regards !

  2. Hello Rosie,
    I am writing you from Barcelona, Spain. Here, people love Thermomix better than Kenwood major chef but I think the other way round!!! ;-) As it is soooo difficult, almost impossible, let's say, to find any blog in Spain where there are extra recipes for the Cooking Chef, I have decided to see other international blogs. Luckily, I have found yours!
    Please, could you help me sending me some recipes you have got for the Cooking Chef? I have got the two original books, the ones you get when buying the machine, but I feel I need more. I see you have got a different book, can you tell me whether it is for the Cooking chef as well? The model I have is the latest, the 070.

    Can you give my address email to anyone you know with whom I can compare recipes, as well?

    Thanks and congratulations for your blog!


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