North Northamptonshire based food blogger who is obsessed with good food and proper cooking. I'm part of the Midlands Blogging team for the BBC Good Food Shows. This is where I share my own recipes and carry out recipe development and product reviews for brands, including food and wines. Please contact me using the link below.

About me

I'm a 40 something daughter and sister. Wife of my childhood sweetheart and mother to two growing up rapidly children.

I am an avid cook with a passion to introduce others to the pleasure and satisfaction of creating good food from simple ingredients; to teach them that good food really is not difficult to achieve. To try and educate children that they CAN achieve something tasty and healthy for which they can be proud.

My young teenage daughter often spends time in the kitchen with me and can certainly hold her own in the realms of making pasta and pastry, not to mention skinning a fish! She can regularly be found with ingredients out on the kitchen table creating mouthwateringly good food for us to enjoy.

I'm proud that my son has started University this year and will be able to enjoy a variety of good quality meals (on a budget!)

Please let me share my tried and tested recipes with you here on my Blog, alongside reviews, tips and hints.

In my role as a food blogger, I'm privileged to be invited to food events where I can pick up hints, tips and other valuable lessons that I'm able to share with you here.  To all the companies who afford me these opportunities, I thank you.

New for me in 2014 was an invitation to become an official Food Blogger for the BBC Good Food Show.  This is a fantastic opportunity to work with an amazing company alongside some incredibly talented bloggers.  A role I continue in today.

If there's anything you'd like to see on my blog that's not already featured, please email me via my contact form to the right and I'll endeavour to help.

See you soon!

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