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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Kenwood Boutique Event

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Waitrose School of Cookery by Kenwood for the launch to food bloggers of their vibrantly coloured Boutique range of KMix.
Now I’m a real lover of Kenwood food preparation equipment. Not only do I have the hugely powerful and versatile silver Kenwood Major Titanium stand mixer, but I have the smaller almond coloured KMix hand mixer as well as the almond coloured KMix tri-blade stick blender which comes with 2 tri-blade heads, a whisk and small food processor.
To say I was amazed by the vibrancy of the new boutique colours was an under statement. Wow! You almost needed your sunglasses on when we walked into the cookery school to be greeted by the lovely staff from Kenwood, their PR company and the cookery school staff as well as these tables of food preparation finery & co-ordinating props.

20121027-232927.jpgThe magenta is such a girly girl colour.
20121027-232934.jpgWhilst the blue offers a more masculine alternative.
20121027-232952.jpgThe orange reminds you of somewhere hot & tropical.
20121027-232959.jpgThe yellow is so zingy you can almost sense your taste buds tingling!
20121027-233005.jpgThe green is like a fresh cucumber on a hot day.
After cocktails or soft drinks, we were treated to a fantastic macaroon making class using the Italian meringue method. No waiting around for the shells to set with this recipe; you simply make and bake! Between the 24 attendees we made several different flavours, including pistachio, strawberry, apricot, liquorice and black currant. It was heaven in an almond flavoured shell!
Being the first time I’ve made them (and quite frankly, this will not be the last time I’ll make them), I was really surprised at just how easy they are to make, especially under the expert guidance and instruction of our lovely chef.
I have to say a BIG thank you to the Waitrose School of Cookery staff, Clarion Communications and especially to Kenwood for their generosity afforded to all the participants in offering us an item from their new Boutique Range. I can’t wait for my Magenta hand mixer to arrive so that my daughter can learn to cook and bake alongside me using her own mixer.
20121027-233014.jpgCarmela consults our lovely chef.
20121027-233019.jpgJulie hard at work mixing the almond paste.
20121027-233026.jpgThe finished Italian Meringue ready to be mixed with the almond paste.
20121027-233033.jpgOur piped macaroons.
20121027-233040.jpgChef’s baked macaroons.
20121027-233046.jpgPistachio, strawberry & lemon macaroons.
Apricot & blackcurrant macaroons.

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